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Harrods Logo Font
November 29 2000 at 6:17 PM

Response to Harrods font

I also was impressed with this logotype and was intending to do it as a Font Diner font. I did some research and discovered that the logo they're using now is the same as the one they used in the 1950's.

This occured to me to be a problem since they still use the font style in the logotype so I asked them for permission to turn the logotype into a font.

Here is their response . . .

Dear Stuart

It was very interesting to read your email (23rd September 2000) regarding
the Harrods logotype.

As you can imagine a company such as Harrods has very stringent rules and
regulations regarding the use of the identity in any form, as a strong
corporate identity is vital to the success of any business.

The use of our logo is carefully managed, to not only ensure consistency,
but to protect the brands core values: style, quality, integrity and

It is for these reasons that Harrods would not grant permission for the
creation of a full character font in its style to be created.

You may know the strapline for the store is "There is only One Harrods..."
and it is this exclusivity that we wish to maintain and a Harrods style
typeface would not perhaps aid this cause.

I hope this has answered you question, and could I take this opportunity to
thank you for your interest in Harrods.


Julia Fox
Creative Manager
Advertising & Marketing